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Interact with Purpose

As a member of Forum.DAO, you gain access to exclusive communities and interest groups where you can connect, discuss, invest and work on shared ideas with other members. 

Our platform combines the classic navigation and community features of Web2 forums that we all know and love with the immersive collaboration and investment tools from integrated Web3 metaverse & DAO solutions.

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Yale Blockchain Club

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Become a beta tester today. There are already 500+ users on the waiting list from MIT, Yale & other exclusive networks.


Once you sign-up, you'll hear from us to vet your affiliations, set-up your profile, badges and group memberships.


As a beta tester, you are helping to shape Forum.DAO. Engaged members can unlock future rewards & access to token drops.

Start-up CEO & MIT Grad Student

"You have rocket fuel with this project. People in these groups and cohorts would take forever to meet and not facilitate meetings and change it up, but they will in your forum."​

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