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Interact with purpose

By joining Forum.DAO, you gain access to exclusive communities and interest groups along where you can connect, discuss, invest and work on shared ideas with other members. 

Our platform combines the classic navigation and community features of Web2 forums that we all know and love with the immersive collaboration and investment tools from integrated Web3 metaverse & DAO solutions.

How it Works


or create existing interest groups or networks to stay connected, engage, learn & share ideas with others


and bond with members from other communities with similar interests in forums moderated by industry, academic and professional superstars


with members in and outside your network on initiatives, start-ups or socially with our integrated chat tools & Web3 collaboration tools


or get investments on your causes and/or projects with in and outside your network members with our integrated DAO solution

Communities on Forum.DAO


MIT Sloan Executive MBA


Brown University EMBAs


MIT Bitcoin Club

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